College Lunches

Looking for healthy, affordable, and delicious meals to serve to the students on your campus?  We are proud to offer a college lunch package for as low as $7 a plate!  Choose from any of our Global Menus! Vegetarian food is not only healthy, delicious, and eco-friendly, it’s also more affordable to serve quality meals on a large scale!


Many very successful vegetarian college lunch programs are run by our dedicated chefs and colleagues across the country–from the popular Krishna Lunch program at the University of Florida in Gainesville, to New Veggie Lunch at SFU in Vancouver, Canada.  The photo above is from CFAST’s college lunch program at the University of Texas in San Antonio!

15% of every purchase at Krishna’s Cuisine goes directly to our College Lunch Program!
Whether your an Administor organizing an International Festival, a Vegan or Vegetarian Club Director establishing a dynamic lunch program or a Student Association looking for event catering, Krishna’s Cuisine offers our entire line of nutritious Global menus at a special discount to facilitate your students and members!