Krishna’s Cuisine offers you six international and three specialty menus from the culinary traditions of America, India, China, Italy, Mexico, and Singapore! Make your event, party, wedding or lunch unique with our vegan vegetarian natural food buffets.
In addition, we offer customized menus for all of your personal likes and needs. Whether you are looking for a healthy and nutritious feast, traditional heartwarming comfort food, or other special options such as vegan or gluten-free, explore our menus for a world of variety and favorites!
We also offer three service options!

All international menus are priced at $15.99 a plate which includes dessert, drink, and delivery charge!

$19.99 a plate for our hot buffet and specialty serving paraphernalia! This price also includes our event pagoda and large grill for outdoor celebrations!

$25.99 includes our dynamic and friendly staff of waiters and waitresses!

Please note that a 15 plate minimum order is required.

All orders must be sent to us two days prior to delivery and orders of 25 plates or more require 3 days prior notice. For Events, large parties, or weddings we request that you meet us for a personal consultation.

Thank you!